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Friday, August 15, 2008

okay, we all know that spam is annoying and potentially dangerous. (email spam, not the canned meat, though i believe that may be potentially dangerous as well.) still, i have to give props to the spammers who are clearly working overtime to bring us entertaining subject lines to our inboxes.

a few entries that appeared in my spam folder over the last few days:

China Bans Black Athletes from Olympics
Angelina Jolie Pregnancy: It Was All a Hoax
Sarah Silverman Launches Anti-Jew Campaign
McCain Will Promote the Takeover of America
Obama And Mccain Claim That They Will Deport Elton John
Snapple White Tea, Most Effective Fix for Erectile Disfunction
New Hostess Cupcakes Sample (
Perez Hilton Wrapped in Toilet Paper and Set on Fire

and my personal favorite:

Angelina Set to Destroy Own Leaky Vagina

too bad they go through all the work just to get mass-deleted... although i do kind of want to know how angelina was going to destroy her own leaky vagina. (though i'm not surprised that that baby factory is "leaky.")

and if elton john was somehow involved, because, yeah, that would warrant deportation.

20 minutes later...
i totally jinxed myself by talking about spam in this post. i just checked my myspace and was bombarded, way more than usual, with crap like this:


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