"atlantic city style" italian bread...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

italian bread. one of life's simple pleasures. a loaf of good italian bread can be as good as, i don't know, sex or a porterhouse steak. ok, maybe not sex, but it could come in a close second under the right circumstances. in north jersey italian bread was always one of those things that you had to be to the bakery 'in time' for. once the day's loaves were gone you were shit-outta-luck; off to the shop-rite to pick up a loaf of, and i use this term loosely, bread. in complete contrast, in south jersey, it doesn't matter what time you get to the bakery, the bread sucks. it could still be warm, fresh out of the oven and it tastes like hell. i realized this soon after i moved here, but yesterday i finally realized why it sucks. i went to the store yesterday for a loaf of 'italian bread.' i squeeze the loaves to check for the crust and consistency of the center. shit, shit, shit, shit, and so on. every one, shit. i finally find one with some type of crust. i open the bag and inside is, not even joking here, pizza dough stretched into the shape of a baguette. first problem, baguette is french. second problem, if i wanted pizza crust, i'd buy a damn pizza. it was the exact texture of overcooked pizza crust. no thanks. as i'm putting the loaf back in the basket i see on the label it says proudly: "ATLANTIC CITY STYLE ITALIAN LOAF." garbage. this is when i realized that if the area's prideful baked good tastes like hell, and it's their specialty, of course they are not going to know how to make "new york style" well. i've had better new york style bread in wyoming!!! i've had better new york style bread in culinary school, and that was made by some pimple-faced, virgin, freshman 'pastry arts' student...



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