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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i guess technically, it's a restaurant in the fact that it serves something resembling food. not necessarily nutricious, but "food" just the same. this lovely tidbit is more of a horror story than my usual food driven critique.
fast food joints are fast food joints. (with the obvious exception of white castle, which as far as i'm concerned, could be chopping up kittens and/or small children and serving it on those incredibly delicious steamed buns and i would still order a sack!) but you know the rest: the royal family of burgers, the irish mc-grease joints, etc, etc, etc. my local "royal" establishment is quite a gem. i very rarely go there, mostly because of all the shady people that work there. anyway, i go there the other day. my mom was at my house, and asked me to pick up some lunch on the way home. she of course, being my lovely difficult mom, can't just say "get me a #1 with a coke;" she says get me a double cheeseburger (which they don't have anymore) with no lettuce and extra pickles. well, we all now how easily an easy order gets screwed up at the drive-thru, so i knew this was going to be an issue and went inside. so i'm in. this royal establishment, by the way, is a throwback. they don't have the "high tech" computer screens hanging all over the place- they still have the microphone thing. so you order with the counterperson, they type it in their 1970's register and scream your order through the microphone to the apparently deaf and uber-stressed out burgermakers. i ordered. i payed. i waited. and waited. and watched...
i watched the dude making my whoppers with cheese barehand EVERYTHING he needed. no gloves. no tongues. barehand. bun? barehand. burger a.k.a. grease patty? barehand. lettuce? tomato? onion? pickles? BAREHANDED!!! and the worst part, is he saw me watching him. he had to know it was mine as there was no one else in the nastyass joint. he watched me watch him raw-doggin' my burgers and thought nothing of it. the counterguy throws them in a bag, hands them to me and says "have a nice day." i laughed and told him he could keep the manhandled burgers and the money. and to use the money to go buy burger boy some gloves.
now i know what you're thinking... that's not just in south jersey, that's everywhere. and i would say that you are right and wrong. you are right, all similar places do nasty shit like that once in a while. but... you are wrong because at least in north jersey they use some tact and do nasty shit in the walk-ins or in the privacy of the dishpit. not here my friends, not here...



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