To Be Continued...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

there are few things in this world equivalent to the feeling you get while catching up with old friends. i've recently found two...

i'll be basking in their glories for a few days. i'll fill you in upon my return.

to be continued...



Friday, July 11, 2008

i’ve gotten along just fine amongst the sharp thorns and the grey branches.

i’ve slept like a kitten in the mouth of my cave, safe from the wind.

i've struggled to brace the rocks inside, to escape before it all collapses.

i've dug deeper into the earth to find a confidante.

the river carries fallen leaves to the silted spoils in the valley of me.

i dig even deeper, into the black, in search of myself as the one.

i struggle to escape the collapse, as my sanguineous wounds lay agape.

i succumb to sleep on the fringes of home, facing the spirits upon my doorstep.

i'm moored by the poison of the nettles in my skin... i lay here, restless.


I Need Not...

i need not, to climb mountaintops
i need not, to cross the sea
i need not, to find a cure
for everything that makes me weak.

i need not to reach for the stars,
when life becomes so dark
and when the wind
does blow against the grain
i must follow my heart.

when all of my friends
have come and gone
the sun no longer shines
the happiness for which i long
is washed away, like an ocean's tide
when all the hard times, outweigh the good
and all of my words are misunderstood.

when the day seems lost from the stars
it's time i must follow my heart.

i feel as if i've paid the price
and my wounds should cease to heal
and everything that i love in life,
spins like a winding wheel
if i should wake, to find i'm abandoned
and the road that i travel, leads to a dead end

when death creeps in, to play it's part
it's time, i must follow my heart.

[city and colour]


The Other Side...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

i was a child once,
the fear of the world in my eye
far from the safety of the other side
i colored by numbers,
learned how to tie my own shoes
like all of the others,
i just prayed i’d make it through

oh mother, look how your boy turned out,
300 miles from that small town
you never stopped believing

oh daddy, it hurt to watch you walking out,
but understand it made me stronger now
and so satisfied, so full of pride,
thank you from here to the other side

i’ll always remember,
the kids and how mean they’d been
eleven years old and i could not fit in
but i made it through high school,
and college according to plan
where pressure was never greater to become a man
would I become a man?

mother, look how your boy turned out,
300 miles from that small town
and dad it hurt to watch you walking out,
hear the piano do the crying now
for all the preachers and the teachers now,
for all the ones who never let me down
i’m so satisfied, so full of pride,
standing here on the other side,
thank you from here to the other side

here on the other side,
i’m taking my time
there’s nothing to fear,
there’s nothing to worry about on the other side
i remember when I thought I’d never find
the other side.

[brendan james]


I <3 Jesus: Part V

Saturday, July 05, 2008

this is really getting out of hand, but i'm still enjoying it.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV


YouTube Follies...

i was searchin' the tube the other day for a video of al jarreau singing 'we're in this love together,' and came across this dude singing mumbling it. i struggled through the first half of the video, breaking only to laugh, and then left the following comment:

i wasn't trying to be sarcastic, it was just all i could think of. it really was terrible. today, this dude sends me a comment over on the tube in response to mine. either he is extremely sarcastic or extremely naive. but here's what he said:
that gave me some jollies this evening. and now, without further adieu, presents: grammy-award winning, (ha!) tone-deaf mute... Jean B. Gerbier!

[WARNING!!! DO NOT attempt to watch this video while eating or drinking; CHOKING HAZARD!!!]


The Fragile Scorpion...

Friday, July 04, 2008

this town just wasn't made for two, it wasn't made for me and you; but when the streets call my name, what can i do?

through these playful lips made of yarn, like me, that fragile scorpion; unraveled words like moths on old scarves, i know my world's a broken bone, but i melt my headaches and call it home.

i want to go where everyone goes, i want to know what everyone knows, i want to go where everyone feels the same...


Happy 4th...

in a perfect world, the 4th of july should be spent bbq-ing and drinking beers with family & friends; with the added bonus of watching sh*t get blown up. hopefully you'll have the opportunity to do all of the above today, and i hope that you do it safely and happily. a toast... to independence!


Who Needs Credit Cards When You've Got a Hoo-Ha?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

these panties were in the "juniors" section at wal-mart.

while you can't disagree with the strict literal interpretation of the message, perhaps wal-mart should consider printing it on a wallet, rather than on panties meant for teenage girls. the whole prostitution angle is clouding the message of fiscal responsibility. but hey, that's just a suggestion.

[the consumerist]


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