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Thursday, November 15, 2007

wine. here we go again. i'm in the liquor store picking up a bottle of 'cheap' white wine the other day. i, as most chef's do, keep a bottle in my fridge for cooking. in culinary school, the chef-instructors always told us "never cook with wine that you wouldn't drink." it makes sense. but at the same time, i'm not going to go and make coq au vin with a bottle of opus one. not in your wildest dreams. so i tend to go for the middle of the road; a few steps above sutter home, and a giant leap away from franzia in the box. so i pick up a bottle of cypress chardonnay. i'd had it a few times, it's a good bottle of wine, and it's on sale for $18 - i'm happy. so i'm walking over to pay for my bottle and i overhear these two ladies talking about wine. the one lady has a bottle of beuhler white zin. in her hands, and the other has...not even kidding here...a box of almaden blush wine. the lady with the bottle, (who obviously knows more about the length of my toenails than about wine) asks the other lady if what she has is good to bring to a dinner party. box lady replies..."that's not worth the money, almaden is the best white zin. you can buy." (funny, that's not what she was buying!) she continued..."almaden is the same as sutter home...they just call it almaden because it comes in the economy pack." economy pack? is that what they call box wine? i thought it was called 'white trash gourmet.' i'm not knocking it, i'm guilty of having a box in my fridge once in a while, but even while i'm drinking it, i know that it's shit and shouldn't be called wine. for some odd reason i felt pity on this lady. little miss economy pack wine went over to pay for her goodies and i went back to save the dinner party lady from being totally embarassed upon arrival at her yuppie party. i went over and showed her a nice 'foxy lady blush wine' from hunt country vineyards up in the finger lakes of ny. (beautiful winery and amazing wines, by the way.) $7.99 a bottle, pink gold. i'mnot really an advocate of pink wine, but this shit is outstanding. i explained to her that miss economy pack was spewing bullshit from her lips, and gave her the lowdown on the bottle she was now purchasing, so she could impress her volvo-driving yuppie-buddies at the party. she picked up 3 bottles, thanked me and went on her way. i did my good deed and laughed all the way home. see what i'm dealing with here people? in south jersey box wine = good, bottle = bad. i'm stuck with a whole lot of people who are......whatever the opposite of gourmet is......oh, thats right...'white trash gourmet!'



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