The Dreaming Tree...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Standing here, the old man said to me:
"Long before these crowded streets, here stood my Dreaming Tree."
Below it he would sit, for hours at a time;
Now progress takes away what forever took to find.
And now he's falling hard,
He feels the falling dark;
How he longs to be beneath his Dreaming Tree...

- dave matthews

i found this old picture of my poppi, my dad's dad, in an old photo album last night. it struck me and i immediately had to post it. i wish you could see the expression on his face in the photo, unfortunately my scanner isn't the greatest. his face is glazed over and he's showing the smallest hint of a smile... i listened to before these crowded streets this afternoon and had to repeat this song as it always hits me. divine coincidence.


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