I Need Not...

Friday, July 11, 2008

i need not, to climb mountaintops
i need not, to cross the sea
i need not, to find a cure
for everything that makes me weak.

i need not to reach for the stars,
when life becomes so dark
and when the wind
does blow against the grain
i must follow my heart.

when all of my friends
have come and gone
the sun no longer shines
the happiness for which i long
is washed away, like an ocean's tide
when all the hard times, outweigh the good
and all of my words are misunderstood.

when the day seems lost from the stars
it's time i must follow my heart.

i feel as if i've paid the price
and my wounds should cease to heal
and everything that i love in life,
spins like a winding wheel
if i should wake, to find i'm abandoned
and the road that i travel, leads to a dead end

when death creeps in, to play it's part
it's time, i must follow my heart.

[city and colour]


spleeness 12:02 PM  

Did you write this or adapt it from somewhere else? It's beautiful. Very comforting to me in some way b/c I'm going through a rough time now myself.

TONY a.k.a. i sWEAT bUTTER 12:11 PM  

it's adapted from a song by 'city and colour' called "against the grain."

here's an awesome acoustic session on youtube:

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