Too Old To Tweet. [But Thank You Anyway]

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

i don't fit the mold.

i also don't wear a size small t-shirt.

and lord knows, i have no filter.

mtv just announced the final two tj candidates.

i had high hopes after seeing the profiles of the first 18 that they announced; i could out-tweet all of them with no thumbs & a blackberry, all while giving pre-surgery star jones a piggyback ride...

instead, they chose a lesbian that looks like justin bieber and a boricua that's addicted to the hills.

in any case, THANK YOU for all of your nominations via twitter and facebook.

and for constantly harassing the @mtvtj twitter account with every reason you could think of as to why they should pick me.

let's face it, mtv's just not ready for this jelly...


Anonymous,  3:21 PM  

wait... I'm a boricua that's addicted to the hills. Did I win?!

The Male Lead 4:08 PM  

Hey, it's @lamottjackson here. You & @mitdasein are the only ones I had any concern about beating me for this contest. You guys rock big time. As for MTV not picking you for age (and I wouldn't doubt that's their reason), hell, I'm 38. I know they weren't ready for my mature & able to make proper fun of the MTV brats. Don't fret, they'll be a place for all the proper people who tweet intelligently. Just know tt damn sure ain't MTV.

sucktackular 6:32 PM  

it's not that you're too old. it's that MTV is too shitty. based upon their choices, can't you honestly agree?

Crystal 12:06 AM  

You would have been awesome for the job... their loss! To MTV, I say "..." :)

tony a.k.a. isweatbutter 12:16 AM  

MTV may not be the right venue, but damn if that's not my dream job... That's all i'm sayin.

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