Saturday, February 07, 2009

I think it says a lot about a person when they go to the drive thru at a place like starbucks, and then bitch when their coffee, or worse, tea isn't made to perfection. Just a thought, but maybe you should get your lazy ass out of the car and make it yourself. After all, the chances of someone getting your "venti hot tazo, half chai, with steamed skim and 1 1/2 splendas" correct, is pretty slim.

And by the way, if your coffee order sounds like a drug deal, your probably an asshole, asshole.


ami,  12:13 PM  

ok, so you made a grammatical error...

"I think is" should read "I think it"

ok? I can't stand that sort of thing in an intelligent blog, or at least one that tries to pass itself off that way...heh heh. But I love you anyway. Either that or I will start coming here with lolspeak it? xoxoxox

stop drinking that crap anyway...where is your allegiance?

xoxoxox mee-mee, teo and mom

Crazy Momma 9:37 AM  

I ordered a large iced coffee BLACK. Does that make me a nice peron?

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