Go, Go, Margaret Cho [They Didn't See It Coming]

Monday, November 24, 2008

from slog:
Finance a successful attack on a small but vocal minority group...

...and win shitloads of brand new enemies—totally free!

Before Prop 8, I don't think most homos really gave two shits about the Mormon church. We knew it sucked to be born gay and raised Mormon—and that's how it works, people, in that born/raised order—but that's true for most faiths that gay people are born into. Most of us have the sense to flee gay-hating faiths; a few of us are stupid enough to succumb to the bullshit and self-hatred that are, for gay people, the cost of admission to a host of imaginary heavens. But before Prop 8 we were content to leave Mormons the hell alone so long as they left us—those of us lucky to be raised in some other faith, or lucky enough to have escaped with our sanity intact—the hell alone. The old deal worked like this: the LDS could torment poor Mormon gay kids and pathetic, closeted adult gay Mormons, but it had to leave openly gay grownups who aren't Mormon or are no longer Mormon at peace. But, nope, they couldn't leave us the hell alone and now things have changed for Magic Underpants, Inc.

UPDATE: And, yes, this matters—even Margaret Cho's silly little fauxlk song matters. Magic Underpants, Inc., doesn't like scrutiny or being mocked. And they like it less than other faiths, since much of what passes for Mormon beliefs is 1. easily disproved (more easily disproved than the tenets of other, older faiths), and 2. completely ridiculous. And the more other Christians know about about what the Mormons believe, the less inclined they are to view Mormons as Christians. Best of luck in 2012, Mitt.
[via slog, queerty]


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