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Saturday, November 22, 2008

MARGZ: Do you mix tartar sauce and ketchup together to dip your french fries in?

ME: no, that's gross. people in these parts mix mayo and ketchup for fries, but i don't do that either. i like my heinz straight-up.

MARGZ: It's delicious, you are missing out. You just don't even know.

ME: after i sent that last comment, i started singing paula abdul at the top of my lungs!!! "straight up now tell me do you really wanna love me forever whoa whoa whoa..."

MARGZ: Did you wake anyone up, or did they not find that sort of behavior unusual?

ME: i'm here by myself. but i am prone to random lyrical outbursts, so if someone was here, they wouldn't think anything of it.

MARGZ: Where is everyone? No one is here either. My hot lover went to the bar with his man-friend.

ME: i don't know. everyone that i know is out throwing eggs at all the toolboxes that are waiting in line in the freezing cold to go watch that stupid peta-friendly vampire movie.

MARGZ: Why are they waiting in line? This is 2008, buy your tickets online, duh. It really is a good film. I want everyone to see it so I can talk about it. Right now I just have to hold it all in. So how are your late 20's treating you anyways? You are almost over the hill.

ME: they're about as exciting as a hycolonic in tijuana.

MARGZ: Well, Tijuana is fun at least!!

ME: i've come to a realization that the last five years of my life have been kind of boring. i've decided that by the time i turn 30, i want to be cool again.

MARGZ: I think when you turn 30, you should become cool again as well. (My cats are about to kill each other, I just heard one of them screaming somewhere far away in my mansion.)

ME: i still have cool in me, i just temporarily misplaced it. and i need to find it before i end up as a roadie for the backstreet boys or something.

MARGZ: You will be cool again. And actually, I believe these days it's the Jonas Brothers you will be a roadie for.

ME: i would rather scrape gum off an old lady's dentures than have anything to do with the jonas brothers. for the record.


spleeness 4:01 PM  

Don't you know? Lyrical outbursts already mean you're cool.

tony a.k.a. isweatbutter 11:58 PM  

try telling my girlfriend that.

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