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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slog Letter of the Day:
I think you liberal fuckers are missing out on one of the most neglected issues that NOBODY is talking about!! Wasn't it really fun and personally rewarding to be smarter than the President of the most powerful country on Earth for almost an entire decade? When will that ever happen again? Never...thats when! Thanks to us, and those like us, we'll now be taught things by our leadership...we'll ponder viewpoints that differ from ours, we'll consider having a thoughtful foreign policy, we'll listen to other smart people and maybe even have them appointed to cabinet positions they deserve...probably be part of a meaningful energy policy...and on it goes. Where is the opportunity for mockery and derision there? How will we feel smug, superior and contemptuous about someone who is so obviously firing on all cylinders? You wait...you're gonna miss W a couple of years from now when you realize that you haven't been light years ahead of Obama on any single topic even once! Then my friends...you'll be sorry. --Bill the Cop.

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