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Friday, January 23, 2009

"...it feels like 14 carats but no clarity
when i look at the man who would be king
the man who would be king goes to the
desert to sing war his dad rehearsed
came back with flags on coffins and said
we won, oh, we won..."

'20 dollar nose bleed' by fall out boy


Blythe's Mom 9:26 PM  

Why have you not moved on? Why is it that you can't find the hope that the man you voted for seems to be asking all of us to reach for? Why dwell on the past? If you are so angry, upset and hate a man so much why continue to speak of it?
WHat happened to change? What happened to hope? To continue to harbor on it will only keep it with you, and when you hold on to anger you can never truly move on.
For the sake of the country GET OVER IT.

tony a.k.a. isweatbutter 9:32 PM  

what's that they say about living in a glass house?

i'm not angry. i just happened to overanalyze a song that i've listened to about 40 times in the past two days. i just happened to notice this verse and thought it drew an iteresting comparison to the situation that we, as a country, have been through.

like i said, i overanalyzed it, considering that the rest of the song is about snorting bennies in a doctor's office.

i'm over it. and so are a lot of people. but if you think that just because bush isn't president anymore means that people are going to forget about all that he has done, you better reconsider that move to canada...

i can forgive, but i can't forget.

Blythe's Mom 10:51 PM  

You can remember it .....I dont care what you remember or what you say. Just dont spread a message of "a new America" "a message of HOPE" with a man if your not going to honor what is being asked of you. If you believe that dwelling was going to make a better America then so be it. But what I was listening to on Tuesday and what you were listening to must not have been the same. I dont know how to fix this country and no one can even say what will be thought of these times in decades. Thats why historians are not quick to judge this and the last era of our history at this time because the true effects of things take years to reveal themselves. What seems like a good/bad idea may turn out to be the opposite. I just hope I am around to see it. I would never pick Bush as my favorite president from a historical stand point but I am also aware that one single man can not accomplish what has been put on his shoulders...good or bad, no one man could do it.
Just like if Obama is to accomplish all that he has set out to do, I will know it took far far more then just him to do, and if he fails ( god help us because we cant afford it)the same will apply.
There is nothing about glass houses..I have not said a single negative thing about Obama since the election because my main concern is how I can help this country and my neighbor. ( i know we had the convo about the 150million but that was more at the we have no money thing then at him)
Harboring on what "bush did wrong" will not fix anything. Not because it may not be truthful but because negativity will become the great divider of people.

tony a.k.a. isweatbutter 11:33 PM  

the glass houses comment was regarding the "anger" comment that you made to me...

both of your comments seem very angry.

but i still love you.

and i repeat, i'm not harboring anything... i was just posting an observation that i made about a song that is phenomenal, regardless of it's actual meaning.

Blythe's Mom 11:55 PM  

its probably about a boat or cow....i hate when songs are not obvious.... like they seem like they are but then the singer comes out and says "ohh no when i said I wish he didn't die I wasn't talking about death at all..."
That is annoying!

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