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Saturday, January 24, 2009

"i saw the light" by todd rundgren
the brew dujour:
fair trade organic ethiopian yirgacheffe- "coffee can be traced back to as early as the ninth century, when it appeared in the highlands of ethiopia. according to legend, ethiopian shepherds were the first to observe the influence of the caffeine in coffee beans when their goats appeared to "dance" and to have an increased level of energy after consuming wild coffee berries. from ethiopia, coffee spread to egypt and yemen. it was in arabia that coffee beans were first roasted and brewed, similar to how it is done today."

these beans are a tribute to the humble beginning of the brew that i love so much. the sweet flavor of chocolate dipped orange rind lingers with each sip, and the slightly smoky roast balances the sweetness perfectly. rare perfection that can only be found at the source.


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