RECIPE: Mini Orgasm Cakes

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

well, they're actually called 'chocolate cookie dough cupcakes,' but mini orgasm cakes has such a nice ring to it. (as opposed to a jumbo orgasm cake, which i, for one, would also love to try if anyone has a recipe) but seriously, how deliciously fattening do these cupcakes look? in my mind, the most disgusting part of cupcakes is the dryass cake part, so this is right up my alley- minimum cake, mucho rawish cookie dough filling and seriously delicious icing. word. is. bond.

[recipe via howtoeatacupcake]


spleeness 5:19 PM  

"dryass cake part" -- you have the most creative adjectives, lmao! Yeah, this looks awesome. Post the major orgasm cake recipe when you find it, reader request!

How To Eat A Cupcake 10:33 PM  

Thanks for the linkback! :D

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