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Thursday, November 06, 2008

this is a post from my friend electa's blog, it also happens to be the post that inspired my last post.

So the results are in and our new president-elect will be Obama. Although I did not vote for the man I am glad to be a part of history in living to see the first black man elected president...Sure you want the person that you vote for to be the one that wins but no, I am not mad. All you can do is hope for the best, isn't that what Obama supporters have been doing all along, hoping? Now I have to hope right along side them. I don't want the country to tail spin out of control (even though it already has) or go crazy simply because the person I voted for didn't win. This is not a sports team or a game of monopoly with friends, where I can wish harm on the other team or scream obscenities at my friends as the beat me at a board game. This is my country and my father raised me to respect the man in charge and do the best for my country regardless of whom is running it. Ultimately "we the people" should be running it, we should be making decisions.

The only thing that hurts me today is the number of people who say "I haven't been proud to be an American in a long time, but today I am." I understand that today is history and something to be proud of, but you should never not be proud to be an American. People lived, fought, and died for you to an American and to take shame in that fact that you are one because we are facing rough times saddens me. If you had lost your pride in this country and what it means to be an American you should have left a long time ago and quite possibly now with all the crazy people that said if McCain lost they were going to leave the country.

With that aside...change is coming and only time will tell this tale.

to which i responded:

pride, much like the ideals that this great country is based on, is not tangible. hope is inspiring. and with inspiration comes pride.

i wholeheartedly agree that we should always be proud to be american - much like we were for the 12 months following 9/11. it's sad that the repression of 9/11 is what it took to bring out the pride of a nation, and i am proud again today that our great country has inspiration again.

we have a long, hard journey ahead of us, there is no doubt. skeptics say that obama's campaign was "all talk." that he's injecting "false hope" in a new generation of americans. when our troops battled the ocean on u-boats, preparing to storm the beaches at normandy, do you think that their commander told them that they were going to die? do you think that they were told of the bloodbath that they were preparing to enter? i doubt it. instead, those troops were INSPIRED by their commanders to FIGHT FOR THEIR NATION, at all costs. in their hearts, they knew, but inspiration pushed them forward, through fear and anguish.

it's also true that we should be prideful of our country, if not for anything, but for those we have lost. it's sad to say that it's easy to forget...

from this day forward, i may not always be proud of my country, but i will always be proud to be an american.


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