10 Items or Less.

Monday, January 05, 2009

i read gawker and defamer and slog, and always get a kick out of the industry news surrounding new movies. it makes me laugh that these big movie studios only pour ridiculous amounts of money into the movies that they want to do well. shouldn't they want any movie with their name on it to be a success? i would think so. those cock knockers the weinstein brothers are a perfect example. and what do they have to show for themselves these days? nada.

on the other hand, i find that the more the hype a movie gets, the more likely i am to hate it. the only two exceptions that i can recall from 2008 were the dark knight (which was a very last minute choice, and although i'm not a fan of the comic book franchises, i thoroughly enjoyed this one) and that new benjamin buttons movie. i'd much rather go see a movie that the critics say sucks, because i usually end up enjoying them. i.e. stop loss.

so if hype means i'll hate it, and bad reviews means i'll love it, then it would most definitely be true that if i've never heard of it in my life, because the gawker shlubbs were to busy to write anything about it, then i'll most likely, absolutely love it. which is true for this movie, 10 items or less, that i watched on starz ondemand the other night. morgan freeman. jonah hill. the little indian man that played the janitor in the terminal. independent. low budget. most likely, very low budget. but a cinematic gem that i, a seldom promoter of films, encourage you to watch. or even buy.


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