F You, Blistex.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

i've spent the last month searching for a tube of chapstick in every store that i enter. not just any chapstick though, my favorite chapstick. i even wrote about it over on i'm like oprah. blistex clear advance. according to the lovely makers of blistex, it still exists, but lie to me they have as i have searched every store from new jersey to virginia that i have been in over the last month. i've even gone as far as asking friends in otehr parts of the country to see if they could find it for me. arizona? no. seattle? nope. san francisco? no sir. it's nowhere to be found. and just as i put it out of my mind, the folks at peeve pile had to go and bring it up again today:

Discontinuation of relied-upon cosmetic products
"...there ought to be some sort of due process clause written into the US Constitution or one of the Int'l Human Rights Conventions requiring that cosmetic companies provide notice-and-comment proceedings and hearings to the public before removing a product from the shelves."
and to make things even worse, i'm beginning to think that someone is tapping into my brainwaves, because everytime i think about something that annoys me, the next day it ends up on the pile. perfect examples can be found HERE, HERE and HERE.

[via peevepile]


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