Going Away...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Lookin' out my window, lookin' down the road

I would like to go far away, away from this place

I wanna see the world before I die

Before too many years go by

I've got to go, before I get too old, so

I'm going away and I'm leaving today

And I won't be back for while

I'm gettin' on a train, a bus, or a plane

I'm gonna leave this place in style

But before I go I just want you to know

That although it hasn't been very long

We'll meet again together my friend

And we'll laugh and we'll sing this song

Friends will leave you, and they will say farewell

And you can never tell just why they go,

I want life's music to softly hit my ears

You know I've been waiting for years

To take the chance and to dance with the wind, so

Cause I can't be tied down, sittin' in a one horse town

I've got to know who I am

I pray for you all the time you'll always be on my mind

And I hope you'll understand

although i am anything but a country music fan, i absolutely love this song. especially with everything that i've been going through lately, i wish i could take the advice that it offers as it really sums up how i feel. it's by the now defunct 'clark family experience', soon to be making a comeback thanks to 'the next great american band' as simply 'the clark brothers.' listen to the song and watch the video for this song HERE.

unfortunately i'm not sure who took this picture, but i swiped it from my friend josh's myspace profile. it's a beauty.


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