A Sausage To Remember Me By...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

so i have a message in my inbox this morning from an old friend from high school. it read, and i quote: "...the guy was a wreck! by the way, i came across these pics, i dont know why, but i saw the sausage and instantly thought of you! lmao...no insult there, i swear. here....enjoy." i laughed so hard, that i feel i would be amiss if i didn't use that picture in a post. so there it is... and here is a little something to go along with it...

"An Ode To Sausage"
intestinal lining
filled with meat, fills me with joy
bursting at the seams, too much insides for the outs
you arrogant fool, you know your insides are sweet
and outside tight. stretch! stretch!
let me stuff you, some more can be fit
teetering on the line, burst not sweet one.

thanks to michelle for the inspiration and the photo.



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