Steak A La Pube [Texas Roadhouse Steak Stuffed with Pubic Hair]

Thursday, January 01, 2009

i'm not exactly sure how i missed this story last year, because even beyond the multiple headlines that accompanied this story and crack me up, there's also the circumstances and details surrounding it:

Kevin Hansen ordered a steak at a Texas Roadhouse in West Bend, Milwaukee and bit into it. After three bites, he noticed something odd. A foreign object. It wasn't a prize, or a coupon for a free drink. It was human facial hair, placed in his steak by cook Ryan Kropp. "...Hansen spotted what looked like pubic hairs "stuffed in the middle of the steak." A subsequent police probe resulted in the arrest of Ryan Kropp, a 24-year-old cook who admitted adding "at least two of his facial hairs" to the steak..." Hansen wasn't the only victim of Kropp's follicle-spreading-spree. According to the criminal complaint, later that night Kropp placed hair in a second steak, turned to a co-worker, and announced, "These are my pubes." The cook was charged with a felony count of putting a foreign object in food, punishable by a max of 3.5 years in prison(!!!) and a $10,000 fine(!!!).
the pubemaster:
[via consumerist, thesmokinggun]


spleeness 6:57 PM  

ooh, that's hot. I can't handle hair in my food *unless* it's pubes...

Crazy Momma 2:34 PM  

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth...all these blogs causing bodily fluids to run rampant! I can't deal!!

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