Actual AIM Conversation I Just Had: [Who Uses AIM in 2008, Anyway?]

Thursday, December 11, 2008

NOT ME: i am going to watch the rest of 'the year without a santa claus' with mikey...

ME: tell mikey that i'm gonna stab santa with a pirate sword
NOT ME: that's horrible
ME: i know
ME: i'm bitchy
NOT ME: i see
ME: but santa's blood tastes like candy canes
NOT ME: stop. you are disgusting
ME: get over it. cuz it's the truth
NOT ME: listen, dickhead
ME: ha. go before santa is d-e-a-d
NOT ME: i hope you get coal in your stupid stocking
ME: is your roof icy?
NOT ME: is this a joke?
ME: so maybe those flea ridden deers will fall off and break their stupid necks
NOT ME: bah, humbug to you too
NOT ME: dickhead
ME: go
ME: i got a call
NOT ME: good
NOT ME: bye..

[photo via claudiacatalina]


Blythe's Mom 10:46 PM  

I called your work today and hung up because it wasnt you

Anonymous,  3:18 AM  


not me,  7:57 AM  

exasperating humbug...


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