whats the deal with the cupcakes fad? [Drafts of '08]

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


...this one was meant to be posted in the beginning of october. i know why i never went on with this one, mostly because i didn't feel like debating anything more than politics with electa at the time. so all i'll say is, how many blogs does the world need with nothing but cupcake recipes? and who in their right mind pays $12 for a single cupcake (besides cindy mccain)? and i'll leave it at that.

feel free to check out the crude link above for the story behind the bambi cupcakes. geekadelphia, ahoy!


Blythe's Mom 3:33 AM  

you leave the cupcakes alone......cupcakes make people happy

tony a.k.a. isweatbutter 10:14 AM  

cupcakes make people happy? so do boners, orgies and 80s music. what of it?!?

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