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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i'm glad that 2008 is almost over, because it's been a really, really long year. i'll spare further details, and just say that i'm glad that i had music to escape to. this album consists of 27 songs that helped me get through the year; some new, some old, some classics, some soon-to-be. in any case, these are the jams that got me through some strange times. many of them you may have heard throughout the year, be it with [your morning coffee] on weekends, or in a listen-up post whenever a song was stuck in my head. this album is my gift to you, i hope you enjoy it.

a few notes on the album- 1) i usually stress myself out when making a mixtape, by trying to put the songs in the perfect order. i didn't this time. i did a bit of shuffling, but for the most part, i let the album make itself. consider it to be organic. 2) i didn't pay much mind to the number of songs that would fit onto a cd, because i put the songs as a playlist on my ipod. if you plan on ripping this to a cd, you're gonna need two. 3) i've already passed some of these songs on to some of you regular-reader types, so i setup the file to download one song at a time, in case you already have some. sorry it'll take you a little longer than it should. and 4) when you click the link below the tracklist, the page has the songs in the same order, except for song #22, because the band's mp3s have chastity belts tighter than a jonas brother and i couldn't change the track name.

01- momma's boy - chromeo
02- valerie - mark ronson & amy winehouse
03- m79 - vampire weekend
04- foundations - kate nash
05- wonderful world - james morrison
06- that green gentlemen - panic at the disco
07- throwin' shapes - minus the bear
08- crushcrushcrush - paramore
09- sex on fire - kings of leon
10- is there a ghost - band of horses
11- the other side - brendan james
12- live high - jason mraz
13- float like a feather - dawn mitschele
14- best days - matt white
15- today - joshua radin
16- chasing pavement - adele
17- can't get it right today - joe purdy
18- almost lover - a fine frenzy
19- against the grain - city and colour
20- for emma - bon iver
21- ordinary - wayne brady
22- the weight - the band
23- suite: judy blue eyes - csny
24- sometimes i don't get you - yo la tengo
25- fade into you - mazzy star
26- body on me - nelly & akon
27- peace sign, index down - gym class heroes



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