BREAKING NEWS: Baby #18 Has Been Queefed Out!!! [Birth By Flatulence]

Friday, December 19, 2008

after a long night of eating franks and beans, michelle duggar let one rip while wiping down the 50-foot dinner table. three toots and a thump later, baby number 18!?! flopped out of her loins. jordyn-grace makiya has been born into the quiver-ful duggar family that is attempting, single handedly, to form a professional roller derby team. the team's name will most likely be "the holy rollers." they've used up so many "j" names that they ran out of biblical ones, so they started getting inventive, which means that some of the girls—like big sister jinger—have ready-made stripper names. 20 bucks says she's pregnant by new years! any takers?

[via jezebel, people]


Blythe's Mom 11:15 PM  

I was taking bets on how long this would take you to get up...the post above this one is a wonderful assortment of drinsk!

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