...Unless They Eat A Dickload of Ramen Noodles...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

what a fcuking cute coincidence that these cheapo's last name is 'economides.' WORLD, meet steve and annette economides. they are raising a family of 7 in arizona on an annual income of about $44,000.

the today show, which featured the economides family in a segment, seemed astounded that a family could get by wearing nice clothes and living in a large home — without buying on credit.

breaking down their budget into 19 categories, they paid off their first house in nine years on an average income of $33,000 a year. their second home, which they estimate to be worth more than $700,000, was purchased for more than $200,000 and is almost paid off.

they plan every meal before going to the grocery store, building their menu around specials and coupons. the monthly bill to feed a family of seven is $350. (for seven people? i call bullshit. unless they eat a dickload of ramen noodles.)

they don’t buy on credit. they buy late-model used cars with cash. they also budget cash reserves for auto and home repairs so they never have to dip into reserves.

now the economides are turning their frugal habits into another source of income. they have a new york times bestselling book called "america's cheapest family," and a website. it's easier than you think!

[todayshow via consumerist]


Blythe's Mom 8:41 AM  

ohh what they leave out of this story. There first home was probably $50,000 and I shit you not. Homes were dirt cheap when i first moved here, there probably sold as prices were going up and got in on a good deal. I am also not sure that any home in AZ is still worth 700,000- after the wonderful fall of everything related to houses out here.
The grocery part could be true-we have like 6 on each corner so if your smart you can do it...without $.25 packets of noodles.-Plus they probably go to the place that me and you hate because they price match and sell giant jars of pickles for like $1.00.
People out here do seem to make it on almost nothing-but there is no way you could do it EVERY place.

spleeness 5:02 PM  

you always have the funniest fcuking titles!!

tony a.k.a. isweatbutter 5:27 PM  



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