"I Don't Have Any Money!" [Drafts of '08]

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

if only i could remember the entire story... this would have been about a trip down my beloved i-95 that included a stop at the deleware rest area, and not one, but two(!!) people begging me for gas money. on a trip, that i do recall, was not financed by myself. and one jackass, in a brand new range rover said, "well, don't you got plastic yo?" or something along those lines. the other begger was in a bigass suv covered in jesus is lord bumper stickers. makes me wonder... if jesus is really YOUR lord, why are you begging for gas money in the middle of deleware? i'll stick with annoucing religious affiliation as being "spiritual."


spleeness 8:04 PM  

what is wrong with people! I've been asked for gas money so many times, once I could even see that the beggar's gas gauge was NOT empty. It's annoying, I can't stand being approached by strangers.

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