Today in Bacon: [Yoders Canned Bacon]

Friday, December 19, 2008

you should probably keep a couple cases of this in your storm cellar. especially if you live in kansas. i bet dorothy wouldn't have bothered leaving that dusty old cellar and running off to get high on poppies in oz had she had a few cases of this stuff. then again, i bet she was wishing she had some after she got high on those poppies. munchies are a bitch. (but really, do you get the munchies from opium, or crack, or whatever drug that make from poppies?)

yoders canned bacon: fully cooked, ready to eat, 12 cans per case, 40 to 50 slices per can. buy some for under your christmas tree today, from mredepot.

[via baconbaconbacon]


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