Me, Lookin' Like I Got Beat Up.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

so yesterday i'm sitting on this HORRENDOUS conference call for work and my eye starts itching. i couldn't leave the desk at that moment, so i just itched away. i itched it so much that my eyelid was raw. an hour later, the itch was gone, but my eye looked like this:
and trust me, it's even sexier this morning.


spleeness 7:33 PM  

ha! Actually it's cute. I did almost the same thing over the weekend. My allergies were killing me all night, sleeping at hubby's sis's house. I woke up and had two black eyes (partially black). I took a picture thinking omg this is hideous, I must document it. But alas, it was too hideous even for the internet...

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