Does Anyone NOT Love the UPS Man?

Friday, August 15, 2008

i, for one, especially love him when i'm not expecting him. that makes his offerings even more pleasurable. (wow, rereading that makes it sound like i'm having an affair with the ups guy. they do like it in the wearing brown...) BACKSPACE, BACKSPACE, DELETE. let's start again. i love when the ups guy comes down the street, which is not that often in these parts, and hearing that horn. you hear the horn because they're extra lazy out here, they beep when they pull up so that by the time they go find your package in the back of the truck, you are already halfway down the driveway. they must be union.

anyway, the package was from the cherry republic. after reading my post '100 little things,' holly aka spleeness, paid special attention to numbers 37-39:

37. I love artificial cherry flavoring.

38. Therefore I enjoy anything that is artificially cherry flavored.

39. I wish all food was “gummi.” I love gummi anything, especially worms.
she sent me a bag of cherry republic sour cherry patches. artificial cherry flavor? check. gummi? check. covered in delicious sourness? BONUS!

and might i add they they are extremely delicious. thanks holly!


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