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Thursday, August 14, 2008

i get a strange vibe from john mccain.

think about stereotypes. very few stereotypes are so defined as that of the used car salesman. think about all the lies you have to tell to sell a lemon. "oh yea, the air conditioning works great!" (that is if by asking "does the 'air conditioning' work?" you mean, do the windows go down?) people that go shopping for a used car often go in with the expectation that they are going to be swindled. they've come to expect to have some sleezy guy in a seersucker suit named mel to try and sell them a "real gem" of a 1999 ford taurus deluxe station wagon; when what they really want is that fancy used sports car on the lot. they expect that nothing that mel says will be true unless it's written down on paper. with expectations, the only possibility is that you'll have one of two outcomes:

1) disappointment in that you got exactly what you thought you would.
2) pleasant surprise in that, on occasion, things aren't always as bad as they seem, and you leave 'surprised' that everything you heard about mel is completely wrong.
politicians, like used car salesman, are also often stereotyped. i'd like to think that we are more often "pleasantly surprised" by politicians, but let's face it, i'm not that naive. unlike the case with mel, where we enter into the situation expecting to be ass-raped, with politicians, we often enter into "the deal" hoping for the best, only to be disappointed.

with that being said, i find it incredibly hard to even consider what life would be like if john mccain became president. i know folks joke about his age, but the truth is- getting old sucks. it's not his fault that he's getting old, but getting old sucks; and he's not getting old, he already is old. he says things in interviews and two days later he denies saying it; i suppose he's still not hip to the fact that technology allows us to playback his comments. but that's only the beginning.

the list of words associated with our expectations of politicians in general and used car salesmen are interchangeable. and much like americans expect certain things out of mel, i come to expect the same from john mccain. i expect him to be exactly what my grandfather used to warn me that politicians were like: "lying cocksuckers." his political playbook reads like a chinese novel: ass backwards. grimy mudslingers like john mccain do have a place in this world-

po·seur [poh-zur; Fr. paw-zɶr] –noun
a person who attempts to impress others by assuming or affecting a manner, degree of elegance, sentiment, etc., other than his or her true one.


spleeness 6:31 PM  

lol: "he's not getting old, he already is old" -- well-said.

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