The French Talk Smack, The U.S. Kick Ass...

Monday, August 11, 2008

UPDATE: HERE is a link to a video of the entire race.

in today's edition of "team usa pride," the unsurprisingly arrogant french swimmers "[we] came to beijing to win this race," or at least that's what they told a reporter in the olympic village. this race being the 4x100 freestyle relay which has been out the hands of u.s. athletes for eight years. team usa: michael phelps, garrett weber-gale, new jersey native cullen jones, and jason lezak never responded to the threat of the french beating the u.s. in the race; and held tight to a medaling position throughout it. however, in the last 5 or so meters, jason lezak gained about 2 body lengths to beat the french by 7/100 of a second. how's that for pulse pounding entertainment? i screamed so loud that my cat teo ran for cover under my bed. i then settled down and celebrated with a piping hot plate of french freedom fries. GO USA!!!

in further, yet brief and comincal news, the 'redeem team' beat china this morning 101-70. i think it's the first time that i have ever watched an entire basketball game in my life. (of course in the olympics, and entire basketball game is also over in 40 minutes.) there is both photo AND video of george w. raising the roof in celebration of the win; a feat that is sure to make it onto david letterman. i'd be willing to bet i'll be able to enjoy it again on tomorrow night's show.

just one more thing- who the hell raises the roof anymore? that's so 1998.

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