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Sunday, August 17, 2008

i know, i know, nearly a month with zero, count them zero posts and now what the hell is going on? i'll tell you, sometimes having a blog feels a bit like being in a middling relationship. when things are good, they’re really good. you want to spend every single day together, you blow off friends, you have no hobbies outside of that sweet, nuzzly “other” in your life, and really you don’t need anything else, because you have your one true love.

>>>fast forward two weeks.>>>

then when you lose interest and suddenly you have many other things to do. like excessively napping. or staring at the douche nozzles on the food network until four in the morning. or playing bejeweled until your eyes cross. sure, i mean to post. and thought i appreciate the emails, i swear, nothing’s wrong. i’m just being quiet, ya know? omg, please stop nagging me. nothing is wrong. i swear you won't find me hanging from the track lighting, at least not until the end of this season of project runway. i just get quiet sometimes, ok?

and then, for whatever reason, i decide, “you know, i’ve been remiss in my approach to this relationship. no, no, i’m going to make this work.”

so again, i’ve decided to take tim gunn's advice and try to make this blogging thing work. it's even become fun again, as i've been reading a lot of other blogs lately. my google reader is plum full of blogs and news feeds to skim though daily and give me ideas for my own blog. now that i've restocked my "little black book blogroll," it's still like relearning how to have sex, really. i mean here i am, flopping around, all jutting elbows and “can’t i just go to bed?” blogging takes a bit of practice and instruction.

in that spirit, if anyone has any blogs that they read regularly that they’d like to recommend, i’d be much obliged. conservative, liberal, libertarian, it doesn’t matter. (although let’s steer clear of things thats mention john mccain, angelina jolie, lindsay lohan and tom cruise, as they frequently make me want to kill myself. ok?)

and i'm willing to go through all of this, just because i’m going to make this work, damnit.

so i must just ask, read as i churn them out. i think it helps to avoid the writers block and keeps the loin juices flowing.


cd,  3:09 PM  

i love that you've been writing again... i've missed it... and, it reminds me of this past february... inspiration... remember...?


The Queen,  8:59 AM  

Well, I have a website that i frequently visit (besides yours) called, stands for 'what would Tyler Durden do?' As in Fight Club Tyler...while it IS a gossip site, it is also High-larious most the time, and makes for a chuckle when I need it...

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