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Sunday, August 24, 2008

NSFC - not suitable for church, or it just may be.
do your cups runneth over? just think, secretly guzzling from your gazongas means no more waiting in line for drinks at festivals, gigs, games, and that damn communion line. the polyurethane 'chicken cutlets' in "the wine rack" holds and entire bottle of wine, making even those long greek orthodox masses just fly by. try it just once and you'll never go a sunday without it.

[the winerack from firebox via geekadelphia]


Sausage,  8:51 AM  

Don't even laugh! I was going to buy one of these!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently they aren't recommended for D cup sizes though! boooooooo. lol. The one time I wished my boobies were smaller! hahahaha.

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