Cheese Update: Here's Your Damn Coupon...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

in response to 'Cheese: The Totally Other Food Group.'

Oh, the wretched doubters of me! Rude infidels! Unbelievers! How silly they are. Behold the following, comment 26 from this post:
I think this is a crock of horse hockey. Fred Meyer coupons are very specific about the products they’re good for. And I’ve never seen a manufacturer’s coupon for “any dairy product.” Scan the coupon for us to see.
Posted by smells like a fish tale | August 11, 2008 9:19 PM
“Horse hockey”, indeed! Well, then, dear “smells like a fish tale”…because you insist:

Yes. There it is, the coupon: all fugly and scanned and coupon-ey, just for you. And as you can clearly see, it says, ahem, ANY FUCKING DAIRY PURCHASE, just I like I said it said—and just like you insisted it probably didn’t. There are no restrictions, and nowhere—front or back—does it say anything resembling, “Oh! And, uh, cheese doesn’t count for some unfathomable reason!” And so. I win of course. And I shall expect your sincere apology, in writing, double spaced, immediately. Notarized couldn’t hurt.

And thanks in advance.

[slog by adrian ryan for the stranger]


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