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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i got about two dozen emails yesterday about the dawn metschele song 'dominoes' that i posted in the morning. my friend jacki emailed me and said that she wanted me to send her a list of unknown artists that i listen to, because "[i] always find the good shit." so jacki, and anyone else that's interested, here's my top 5 list of artist's that you should have on your ipod, but probably don't.

1: zach macko & far north
it's the reincarnation of the group you've heard me call the 'zach macko band' in the past. same singer/songwriters, zach macko & jeff soriano, new band. i've been listening to these guys for years, often making the three hour trek north to hoboken when i was living in atlantic city. though i haven't had the opportunity to see them live in some time, seldom does a day go by that i don't hear a song or two from one of their albums in my car or on my ipod. 'songs from my room' and their second album 'the doorway' offer what a like to call 'a view from the hudson;' comforting, both lyrically and musically, zach macko & far north captures the essence of what living in the big apple and being from jersey is all about- passion, truth and bitter honesty.

[zach macko & far north myspace]
[zach macko & far north itunes]
my top 2 zach macko & far north picks: 'the words' & 'world.'

2: brendan james
i remember when i was younger, hearing george winston tapping the ivories and having chills run down my spine. brendan james offers that same musical invigoration along with lyrics that leave me emotionally contented. his recently released album 'the day is brave,' is honest and raw from beginning to end, with lyrics that many, especially myself, can relate to. if there is one thing that i can't stand in music, it's when amazing singing and songwriting like brendan's is over-produced; brendan james is anything everything but.

[brendan james myspace]
[brendan james itunes]
my top 2 picks from brendan james: 'green' & 'hero's song.'

3: steve means
cd baby describes his music as "sounding like sex in the musical form," and in some respects, i'd have to agree. each song has a true beginning, middle and end, with an endless string of aural pleasure that weaves throughout. he has that uncanny ability to transport you someplace else with his lyrics and his melodic hooks. a transportation that i often look for in my regular musical selections. another musical relationship made thanks to the glories of myspace.

[steve means myspace]
[steve means itunes]
my top 2 from steve means: 'rescue me' & 'calm down.'

4: sharon little
i first heard sharon little when i watched that new tv show the cleaner, where her song 'follow that sound' plays during the ending credits. that song perfectly mirrors the emotional rollercoaster that the characters of the show face each and every episode. it's without a doubt some of the most soulful music on my ipod, but with enough pop & funk to keep me listening. definately a cool find.

[sharon little myspace]
[sharon little itunes]
my sharon little picks: 'follow that sound' & 'set you free.'

5: two spot gobi
i highly recommend the melodious funk of two spot gobi, especially if you are trying to set a new world record for cleaning your house. throw your buds in your ears with 'sunshine lady' on repeat, and guaranteed- your ENTIRE house will be clean in 30 minutes. rarely does a group have the ability to put such pep in your step like this group, but they consistantly do it with each track. and what's cooler than a band with cello? nothing. i bet michael phelps listens to 'sunshine lady' on his ipod before every race.

[two spot gobi myspace]
[two spot gobi itunes]
pick these tracks up from two spot gobi: 'sunshine lady' & 'hey now.'

music is a very personal thing; much like our DNA, no two people posess the exact same taste in music. that's what makes it so great. with that being said, i offer these tunes as recommendations- take them or leave them, but at least give them a chance. you can get info about live performances, as well as check out more of their songs on myspace by clicking the links under each artist's video; and they all have their music available for cheap on itunes. happy listening...


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