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Thursday, August 07, 2008

i've never been blog tagged before, until queen spleen got me the other day. i suppose i could have made my "100 little things" post "107 little things" and called it a day, but instead, i've come up with a seperate 7, with a bit more detail and pictures. how fun? much i tell you, much. so here we go-

uno: though i'm sure i never met adam herz, the guy who wrote the 'american pie' movies, he certainly knew a lot about me and my friends from high school; at least enough to write the biography of our lives. to this day, i can't watch either of the first two installments without getting emotional. our lives to a T.

dos: if you gave me the opportunity to delete any two words from the english language, they would be moist and trundle. moist is just a really dirty word, i'm pretty sure you could describe something just as well using the word "damp," so lets go ahead and do that from now on people. trundle, according to webster's means to roll; usually used to describe a trundle bed. a trundle bed? seriously? if you have one, i think your phone is ringing; you better get it, it's carol brady, she needs her furniture back in 1969. a trundle bed, could just as easily be called a hide-a-bed or a roll-a-bed, therefore no longer necessitating the need for the word trundle. and god forbid you happen to have moist sheets on your trundle bed, you may just find me hanging from a helicopter, by a piece of dental floss tied around my little toe, over a pit of snakes. backspace, backspace, DELETE. thank you for your anticipated cooperation in dealing with this matter.

tres: more than any other thing in this world, (with the possible exceptions of snakes, clowns, dolls with freckles, elisabeth hasselbeck and tom cruise) i HATE, HATE, HATE alarm clocks. they serve no joyous purpose in anyone's life. some of you may consider them a necessary evil, i think that they should be banned from the surface of the earth and sent in a rocket on the next mission to mars. the best way for me to ensure myself that i'll have a bad day, is to set my alarm clock before bed. it NEVER fails.

cuatro: i have a tattoo. it's on my left wrist. i drew it myself, while i was living in a roach motel on the white horse pike in atlantic city. people always ask me what it means. it represents my family. here it is.

cinco: i love playing with elbow skin. you know, the excess flap of loose skin that stretches when you bend your arm, but just hangs there when your arm is straight? i like to tug on it. and play with it. most people are uncomfortable when i do it to them, especially if i don't ask first. the truth is, i don't have any, so i have to play with yours. :)

seis: i don't mind doing laundry. yours, mine, whatever. i'll wash it. dry it. even fold it if i have to, but i don't do socks. mating them that is. i'd rather roll around naked in a field of poison ivy with an entire family of rattlesnakes.

siete: although i plan on having well behaved children, they won't step into a restaurant until they are 5 years old. not even mcdonald's. (the one and only exception to this rule is chuck e. cheese, in which case, there must be a chaperone in place, because i don't do chuck e. cheese.) the reason for this, is that i understand that children cry and throw tantrums, but before the age of 5, you don't always see them coming and they are more difficult to control. few things bother me more in restaurants than having to listen to your little brat screaming because he doesn't want to eat his broccoli and his red crayon broke. i plan on making my future purchase of a house based on how many available 13 year old babysitters live on the block. then, on my son bobo's 6th birthday, we'll fire said babysitter and meet you out for dinner. until then, that reservation is for two, thank you very much.


spleeness 1:18 AM  

ha! I love these. I will mate all the socks. I secretly love that. (Not kidding!)

TONY a.k.a. i sWEAT bUTTER 1:43 AM  

you can mate my socks anytime. (i'm not kidding either!)

spleeness 8:58 PM  

omg, did you see thiscartoon?

You're not the only one who hates the word "moist".

TONY a.k.a. i sWEAT bUTTER 2:56 PM  

that cartoon is awesome!!! how about dungarees? that word KILLS me too!

spleeness 5:44 PM  

And now I just found *another* person who dislikes the word "moist" -- what is it w/this??!

They're just words by Bodelou...

Wow, I'm outnumbered here.

tony a.k.a. isweatbutter 5:15 PM  

i FINALLY went and checked this out... and commented... i had saved the comment notification in my inbox... and we both know how that goes.

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