Playing Hard to Get is For the Birds [I Just LOL'd]

Thursday, December 04, 2008

i was just in the middle of something kind of important when i read this and i actually laughed out loud. from jezebel:

"Researchers at the University of Bristol have done an exhaustive study of the way birds mate and came to the conclusion that when there were a variety of male birds looking to mate, the females would hold off on mating to apparently determine which male bird was willing to stick around long enough to stick it in**, calculating at a basic level that he'd then stick by her and their offspring. Naturally, this ground-breaking research is completely applicable to human dating, or so they're trying to tell us..."

**This is a joke. Yes, we know that birds do not breed this way. In fact, they breed exclusively through anal sex.

"Psittacines do not have a phallus. They mate by joining their cloacas, with the male ejaculating sperm into the female's cloaca."
That's right, they breed through joining their assholes together. Chew on that the next time you hear someone claim to be a virgin despite having tons of anal.
[via jezebel]


Crazy Momma 5:29 PM  

Okay, not the same thing but I thought you would like this:

Only the UK would report a story like this. Acutally, you may have seen it since I found it while I was looking at Bush's best moments :)

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