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Saturday, September 06, 2008

i saw it last night. pretty damn good, i must admit, for a movie in a genre that i would normally forgo. but i'm not trying to write a review on it, no, in fact, i'd like to discuss the most obnoxious thing about going to the movies outside of ringing cell phones, crinkling candy wrappers and chit-chatters...

i've been trying since last night to come up with a witty term for them, and perhaps you already have one. (i'd appreciate you passing it on to me if you do.) it would have to be something involving shadows and/or stalkers. here's how it went down: we get to the theatre, of which there had to be 400 seats, it was huge. we grab good seats, half way up in the center. so, with sam and i and the 4 other people in the theatre, that would leave what? 394 other seats. so why, oh why, my obnoxious theatre stalkers would you sit directly in front, in back, or on either side of me? i'm not claustrophobic, but damn if i wasn't feeling like it last night. all cramped up in my seat with these people breathing down my neck, all the while there are 360 other EMPTY seats in the joint. i wanted to kill.

urban dictionary calls it the "movie theater rule:"

When going into a movie theater to choose a seat, the first seats that people look for are in empty rows, trying for as long as possible to not have to sit in the same row as another person or group of people. This is repeated until there are people in every row and then you HAVE to sit in a row with other people.
This is the movie theater rule.
This rule is often applied subconsciously with out even realising it.
I applied the movie theater rule as I chose my seat from the seats available.
well those fuckers all BROKE that rule last night.


Blythe's Mom 11:15 PM  

don't you just love the "heavy breathers"
They have to be up close and personal .
I think stalker is the best term.

Sausage,  10:50 AM  

I loathe these people as well! Lenny flips a shit when this happens (which is quite frequently, actually)We call them ignorant assholes. lol.

spleeness 3:48 PM  

yes!! wtf is up with that? I can't STAND when people ruining the potential to put my feet up by sitting directly in front of me when the WHOLE theatre is at their disposal.

It's like the "stare at the sun" phenomenon. Look at the sky and people will stop and stare with you. Must be that everyone thinks you have the GOOD seats and if they sit too far away they won't win the secret movie lotto.

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