I Need A Bucket List...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

i totally cheesed when i watched this movie, and i really feel like everyone should have a bucket list. i think we all do, we just don't think of it as such. i'd imagine, that they are never complete. that they go on as they did in the movie, long after we have passed. and they forever receive additions as our hopes and dreams grow and change. here's the beginning of mine, a work in progress. i'll repost as i update.

-visit all 50 states.
- drive cross country.
- see jimmy buffett live in key west.
- pilot a helicopter.
- go to olympic games.
- meet paula deen.
- cook with paula deen.
- visit vietnam.
- get a book published.
- be present at a historic speech.
- eat at the french laundry.
- own a restaurant.
- attend pinot noir camp in the pnw.
- pick malbec grapes in argentina.


cd,  2:26 AM  

key west... yes

Melissa,  2:56 PM  

I agree that everyone should have a bucket list. Like your list! I'd love to go to go to the Olympics too :) I just published a photo journal series (Dream List Photo Journals), which was one of my dreams. You personalize the journals with your dream list/bucket list and record your accomplished dreams. You can see them on my website, www.dreamlistmedia.com. I wish you all the best on your bucket list!!

cd,  8:29 PM  

drive cross country... yes, again

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