In Urgent Need of an Intervention...

Monday, September 15, 2008

for as long as i can remember, my family has referred to cat nip as feline marijuana, in one term or another. but let me just tell you, if cat nip is cat pot, then these temptations things are cat crystal meth. they look like tiny chicken filled raviolis, but they are apparently stuffed with drano & sudafed; an obviously addictive combo that furrocia can't get enough of. the brats jumped on my bed this morning and wouldn't leave me alone, so in an attempt to catch a few more zzz's before succumbing to their peer pressure to get up, i baited them with snacks. my cats don't bite my cats don't bite unless you have a snack in your hand. so i put a few on the bed for them to eat at their leisure. teo ate his, begged for more, then realized i was going back to sleep, and went to take a nap himself. furrocia, on the other hand, found it necessary to lick the sheets in every place there had been a treat. then she decided to try and get the bag open, at one point she even had the pouch in her mouth and stood up on her back feet. you'll notice in the photo, teo just sits and waits to see if she can get the zip-lock open, at which time he would assist her in depleting the stash like a dyson ball. after about five minutes teo gave up completely, realizing that without plausible thumbs, it was hopeless. furrocia continued until i got up and moved the bag to the top of the dresser. but she knew where they were and attempted to scale the shelves in search of another fix. and so, i've just completed my email to the producers of intervention to see if they have any experience with feline interventions. poor ms. furrocia coutura is in urgent need.


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