Shit-Talking Gone Too Far...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

i did a five year stint living in rhode island, arguably the center of new england. i must admit, there wasn't much that i didn't love about living there. the only two cons that come to mind were their horrible lack of snow plowing skills in a place that gets dumped on frequently, and red sox fans.

i am a yankees fan, but that's not why i despise red sox fans. my hatred towards them flows much deeper than bill buckner and the curse of the bambino. ('bill buckner,' by the way, is the easiest way to get a red sox fan to shut the fuck up; and it's as simple as mentioning his name.) it stems from their obnoxious chanting and their uncanny ability to cause riots and get arrested, win or lose. regardless, i most often keep those feelings to myself around them.

other than that one occasion, sports shit-talking doesn't really bother me. maybe because i don't really take sports that seriously or maybe because, well, it's just not that serious. that was until yesterday. yesterday when the piece of shit scumbag owner of, a seattle seahawks fan2fan site, thought it would be cute to try and "rile up giants fans" (who they are playing next week), by putting a bunch of 9/11 jokes on their homepage, to "welcome giants fans," along with a photo of the world trade center on fire. here's one of them: "Q: What was the last thing going through Mr. Jones’ head when he was working on the World Trade Center’s 90th floor? A: The 91st floor." classy you piece of shit, real classy.

i must say i was really surprised that i didn't hear about this on the new york news. after being mentioned in columns in the new york daily news, deadspin and the stranger, the owner of the site removed the tasteless post and offered this half-assed apology:

"Here at The Huddle we pride ourselves on riling up our opponent fan base to make the game more exciting and meaningful to us fans. Obviously this time we/I went over the line." (you think?) " one here at The Huddle believes 9/11 wasn't a horrible American history, some of us tend to deal with issues like these with...humor in the worst taste. Obviously not everyone does this and we regret any hurt or pain that our comments have dredged up. That was never the intent. We can only apologize so much." (right, the intent was only to "rile" us up.)
like i said, real classy.

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