"Spring-Taste" Water...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i recently found this photo with a comical post-it note attached. i scanned it, along with the post-it and emailed it to found magazine, i'll let you know if they post-it.

there are a few things about this photo that are really intriguing to me. the first, is the pay phone. do they still have those? second, i think it's funny that water would be sold by the half-gallon. i mean seriously, why not just charge $.20/gallon instead of $.10/half-gallon? which leads me to my next point, isn't that really cheap for retail water? i think so. and by far, the most intriguing thing about this photo is the selection this water-matic supplies. i mean, how snobby are we that we get a choice of two kinds of water? purified or "spring-taste." "spring-taste" water, is that like "butter" on your popcorn at the movies? i guess we'll never know...


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