Tucker "the Confirmed Douchnozzle" Max & Lynne "the Real Victim" Spears [A Buttery New Reading Update]

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i don't want to say that i called it, but... i called it. back in august i wrote a post about 5 books that you shouldn't bother reading. in the last two days, two of the douchenozzles that i wrote about have made it into the news. maybe not headline news, but news nonetheless. check it:

so much for the belligerent and debaucherous exploits of the fuck-a-chick-and-go blogger and filmmaker tucker max. what of those only tangentially related to him? well, a 21-year-old uconn student who called tucker "my hero" was arrested last weekend for "allegedly forcing his way into a sleeping woman's apartment and raping her." how's that for a positive role model in the media? this has been your tucker max and associates update.

it ain't easy being lynne spears: sure, you can live off the wealth accumulated from your daughters' hard work and sell their teen pregnancy secrets to ok! magazine for a million dollars, but occasionally, people will think you're a bad parent! that's why it's important for lynne to set the record straight, and the today show gave her just the forum yesterday. hawking her book through the storm, lynne discussed the perils of overexposing your children, something that will surely be nipped in the bud by her incredibly revealing tell-all about daughter britney's loss of virginity. congratulations, lynne: here's your celebratory cheeto.

what can i say, i call 'em like i see 'em.

[via gawker and defamer]


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