UPDATE: Consider the Towel Thrown In...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

i think that he's officially given up. thrown in the towel. and now he's just along for the ride. i was anti-internet for the holiday weekend, actually anti-news too, so until now, i've had no clue what was going on with the storms of the century and the furthering details of this psycho palin woman.

now, after reading up on the news and all the blogging from the rnc, i've come to the conclusion that he realizes that it's over. and in typical republican fashion, he chose a vp that's, let's say, controversial, to say the least. fake pregnancies, mysterious political parties that want to remove alaska from the united states, self-proclaimed "fucking rednecks" that will father (and i use that term loosely) her grandchild. he now has an out. when john mccain doesn't win the election in november, it won't be because he's a warmonger, or that his policies are out of whack; it will be sarah palin's fault. decidedly not his fault for choosing her, but her fault for being a psychotic redneck.

i know that the name calling is very juvenile, but i can't think of much else to describe it all. the entire situation is pretty damn crazy to me.

in case you're in the dark, and unaware of any of the scandals i mentioned, slog has some great bloggers at the convention. and plenty of coverage on this palin character.

HERE is an excellent rundown of the palin disaster [in the making] from slog.


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