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Friday, September 12, 2008

more political stupidity from the bowels of my gmail inbox. this is from a conversation that i was having back and forth with my seriously republican friend electa soon after the rnc last week.

was she [sarah palin] trying to be cute when she introduced her husband as the "first dude of alaska?" because it wasn't.
that's just reason #786543332 why she's a HORRIBLE running mate.

No that is what the people of Alaska have been calling him for a while.
And “I’m an Obama Mama” is one [campaign pin] that people were wearing at the convention- that’s not exactly "CORRECT."

her stupid ass introduced him as that at one point. i heard it. youtube it bitch. and i agree, obama mama is just as bad as, well, it has nothing to do with the candidate. it's like the idiots with the "i'm on the mccain gang" t-shirts. stupid, but nothing wrong with it. is that supposed to be a reference to a chain gang? if so, do people really want to be on the mccain chain gang? i could see it now: the exxon, sunoco, texaco families all leave the rnc with their diamond encrusted mccain pins, chained together while swinging their sickles on the railroad tracks. it'd be like a deleted scene from 'cool hand luke.'


Blythe's Mom 11:02 PM  

i stand firmly by the fact that the pin was stupid - as are all slogans that find their way on cafepress

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