R.I.P. T.R.L.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

it's the end of an era. i can't count the number of times that i cut class in high school to escape to manahattan with my friends, only to stand for hours in times square waiting to "see" a celebrity appearing on mtv's total request live. and vacationing on the jersey shore to bake for hours in the sun at the mtv beach house during filming. in fact my friends and i were there when vj damien made his first appearance on mtv. and i remember the days when i couldn't imagine life without mtv. these days, i fall into the ever-growing crowd of people that doesn't quite understand mtv anymore; it's turned into just another cable channel. and now, with the cancellation of trl this november, i fear that the station is losing the last hint of what the "m" in mtv stands for...

r.i.p. trl. thanks for the memories.


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