First You'll Tremble, Then You'll Shake. Then, in a Perfect World, The Wendy's Manager Will Get Fired.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

i've done my time in corporate america. and it's because of that time in purgatory, that i know that corporate big-wigs love, and i mean L-O-V-E, writing directions out for mentally disabled monkeys, high on rubber cement, to understand. (i've also done my share of authoring those directions.) and with this knowledge, it makes me wonder how the f#ck it is possible for the geniuses at wendy's to screw up the pricing on this sign? spleeness doesn't have a price listed at all. and not once, but over and over again. or at least these three times: in the photo above, you'll see that the photo captured by her royal free frosty upgrade perhaps? doubt it. next we have the $5.99 upgrade. listen, frosty's are delicious, especially as a sauce for your fries, but no way in hell is it worth $5.99. unless perhaps that increase includes additional bacon grease, or maybe a no spit guarantee. hopefully the district manager is hanging on to the extra money to send the managers to a "how to label a sign properly" seminar. then, of course, we have the $7.69 "airline" upgrade. no doubt this upgrade involves some type of "secret sauce" and an hour delay.



Blythe's Mom 8:18 PM  

Can i have a large drink and a large fry?...

TONY a.k.a. i sWEAT bUTTER 12:14 AM  

sure, but that'll cost you $26.79.

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