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Sunday, September 21, 2008

in honor of last week's total meltdown of our economy-and the fact that bush/mccain expects us to pay to bail out the fuckers who caused it—let us take a minute to focus on the stripe-shirted, bottle service-loving, date-raping, trust-funded, ivy league pieces of human waste who made it happen. don't get too caught up in the mercurial definition of the word "douchebag" when picturing one; just think of a douchebag as anyone who hasn't really earned their own money (exhibit a), has horrible taste (exhibit b), is insanely crass (exhibit c), and gets off on being a complete shithead to other people (exhibit d). they've been around through the ages, and they don't seem to be on the endangered species list. and you can forget the "moneyed" part, douchebags exist in every social strata, and some of them are female as well (exhibit e).

[via gawker]


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